Past Projects

ProMISe. A multi-centre, randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of early, goal-directed, protocolised resuscitation for emerging septic shock. ICNARC study. PI-Maha Zuleika. Published in the NEJM.

An international multicentre clinical trial to investigate the efficacy of removing nitrous oxide (N2O) from the anaesthetic gas mixture in patients with coronary artery disease undergoing major surgery. PI – MD. Published in the Lancet.

dreams-protocol-v4-0_20th-january-2015-draggedDREAMS. A Phase III, double blind multicentre randomised controlled trial with the primary objective of determining if pre-operative dexamethasone reduces post-operative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing elective colorectal resections. PI – JKB.

Calories. A phase III, open, multi-centre, randomised controlled trial comparing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of early nutritional support in critically ill patients via the parenteral versus the enteral route. ICNARC study. PI – BCB. Published in the NEJM.

SNAP-1. Sprint National Anaesthesia Project -Patient survey on quality of anaesthesia in UK hospitals and accidental awareness under general anaesthesia. PI – MD.

PROWESS-SHOCK – RCT of activated protein C (xigris) vs. Placebo in septic shock. Commercial study sponsored by Lilly. This study led to an abrupt change in practice – in that xigris was withdrawn from the market due to lack of efficacy. Published NEJM 2012.

OPTIMISE – An open, multi-centre, randomised controlled trial of stroke volume guided fluid theraOPTIMISELogopy and low dose dopexamine infusion compared to usual care in patients undergoing major abdominal
surgery involving the gastrointestinal tract. PI – JKB No statistically significant improvement in primary or secondary outcomes in the intervention group. Published in JAMA.

SPOTLIGHTLogoSPOT(light), observational study to evaluate the impact of duration of illness on severity and outcome

mlogoTRACMAN. A UK multi-centre RCT of the effect of early vs. late tracheostomy placement on survival in patients receiving mechanical ventilation. Despite completing recruitment in 2008, only reported 2013.

Published in JAMA and led to a change in practice long before 2013 – we now wait longer before making the decision to perform a tracheostomy.

EuSOS. An international observational study of standards of care and clinical outcomes for patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery.Autumn 2013 008

Published in the Lancet 2012. Revealing study that demonstrated unanticipated variations in mortality between countries. To be followed up by ISOS.

Eye-CU. Impact of critical illness on visual acuity. PI – Prof Simon Taylor (BCCB)

AbSeS international observational cohort study concerning epidemiology of abdominal infections on ICU. Run by ESICM. We’re the UK lead centre (BCCB) and have completed recruiting locally but recruitment overall stops December 2016.

PEACE (PrEvalence of Acute and Chronic kidney disease treated by renal replacement therapy in the ICU Environment). Run by ESICM. Prof LF was Local and UK co-ordinator and on the steering committee. Completed and in write-up.

logoBREATHE. NIHR HTA. Warwick (Professor Gavin Perkins). In adult patients requiring invasive mechanical ventilation  – protocolised weaning which includes non-invasive ventilation compared to protocolised weaningusing invasive mechnical ventilation clinically and cost effective. Started screening in June 2014. Local PI – BCCB


PROVENT. European Society of Anaesthesiology / Sheffield (Gary Mills). Practice of ventilation in critically ill patients without ARDS: an international observational study. Local PI – BCCB. Completed data collection in June 2014.

LAS VEGAS. European Society of Anaesthesiology study. Local Assessment of Ventilatory Management During General Anesthesia forSurgery and effects on Postoperative Pulmonary Complications: a Prospective Observational International Multi–center Cohort Study.

popular-rgbPOPULAR. European Society of anaesthesiology. POstanaesthesia PULmonary complications After use of muscle Relaxants in Europe,
PI – Maha Zuleika.

. logoCanadian Critical Care Trials Group / St Thomas’ (Andrew Jones).
Practice Pattern Variation in Discontinuing Mechanical Ventilation in Critically Ill Adults: An International Prospective Observational Study. July 2014. Local PI – BCCB.

RADOX. Reduced Abdominal Distension and Oxygen Delivery,
PI – Mike Scott.apricot-rgb

APRICOT.  Anaesthesia PRactice In Children Observational Trial, PI – CJ/MD.

POM-HR (Post Operative Morbidity- heart rate): Observational study of exercise-induced heart rate dynamics and their relationship to postoperative morbidity. In collaboration with UCL.
PP – Dr Pradeep Prabhu.ISOS logo

ISOS. International Surgical Outcomes Study. PI – JKB.

OBTAIN. Occurrence of Bleeding and Thrombosis during Antiplatelet therapy In Non-cardiac surgery. European Society of Anesthesiology.
PI – Maha Zuleika.

European Transfusion Practice and Outcome Study: a multi-central evaluation of standard of transfusion care and clinical outcome for elective surgical patients. European Society of Anesthesiology. PI – MD.

REPROVE A commercially funded, NIHR portfolio study of a novel antibiotic, CAZ-AVI for use in nosocomial pneumonia and VAP compared to meropenem.

Local investigator-initiated studies

  • Emergency Laparotomy Pathway Quality Improvement Project (ELPQuIC). Grant obtained from the Health Foundation. Multi-centre site instigated and co-ordinated by investigators from RSCH. PI – Nial Quiney. Published in the British Journal of Surgery.
  • Randomized clinical trial on enhanced recovery versus standard care following open liver resection. Trial assessing the merits of an enhanced recovery programme on hepatic resections. Collaboration between research fellows, consultant surgeons and anaesthetists and the University of Surrey. Presented at International conferences and published in British Journal of Surgery (2013).
  • RCT of intra-operative analgesia in laparoscopic colo-rectal surgery: spinal, epidural analgesia or intravenous morphine followed by postoperative patient-controlled analgesia (PCA). In addition to standard monitoring, oesophageal Doppler monitoring of the stroke volume allowed directed intravenous fluid therapy. Those with lower oxygen delivery had higher incidence of anastomotic leakage. Led to high-profile publications in Colorectal diseases (2012) and British Journal of Surgery (2011).
  • Enhanced recovery and the stress response in open liver resection surgery. Manuscripts in preparation.