Ismita Chhetri

Ismita completed her undergraduate and postgraduate MRes degree in Biomedical Science from St George’s University of London and is currently enrolled as PhD student at the University of Surrey since July 2017. She was previously involved in investigating the role of CD4+ T cells in atherosclerosis to develop novel way to target these cells to prevent manifestation of atherosclerosis to myocardial infarction. As part of her PhD, she is working on NIHR Research for Patient Benefit & Intensive Care Foundation funded clinical trial ROSProx (, awarded to Dr Ben Creagh Brown & Dr Julie Hunt (University of Surrey) and collaborators from UCL, WHRI & St Mary’s university. ROSProx Study involves investigating repetitive vascular occlusion stimulus as a novel intervention for prevention of ICU-acquired weakness (ICU-AW), a cause of functional disability and reduced quality of life among ICU survivors.Being part of SPACeR group and working on ROSProx study has allowed Ismita to be involved in set-up and conduct of clinical trial at multi-site (RSCH & ASPH) as well as provided opportunity to learn new techniques such as muscle & vasculature ultrasonography and attend conferences such as Intensive Care Society SOA Conference.